Being sick stinks…

ImageSo says Natalie Kate, even though she still looks as cute a bug. And so the debate in my head rages: take her to the Doctor, or not? I’m inclined to not, but I always torture myself with the “what ifs?” so much that by day three, which will be tomorrow, I end up hauling her in just to be told it’s viral and will go away on it’s on – and inevitably, she feels 100% better the next day. Hmm.

Things I need to work on…

Wow. Lately, I’ve been feeling behind the eightball too much of the time. I go to bed worrying about all the things I need to do and wake up wondering if I’ll get anything checked off that ever growing to-do list. Don’t laugh, I need that to-do list. Without it, I’m completely frozen. With it, I try to get on task, the problem is when I’m derailed and CANNOT complete the given task. I’m stuck, I can’t seem to figure out how to move on to something else quickly and get something-anything– done.

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My Parenting Evolution

I do not think of myself as an ideal parent. I’d like to think I have standards, but I often fall short of them. I don’t think I fit into any one particular “parenting style” and find myself borrowing from each of them. I believed in scheduling my first son, B, and was very successful. I exclusively breastfed him for six months, he took two naps at the same time everyday, and he went to bed at the same time every night, pretty much no matter what. I think we all found comfort in our schedule and knowing what we were suppossed to do next and he was very cooperative. Continue reading