‘Tis the Season for Sick Children

Another day, another sickie.

Instead of complaining about how hard it is to be (even a part-time) working mother when my children are sick, here are my reasons  to smile while I’m at home for a few hours with my sweetie today when I should be working:

– He’s so much more snuggly!

– He says really cute things while delirious. “Mommy I think a doughnut would feel me better.” 🙂

– My sweet daughter was so kind and loving to her brother this morning. She pet him and fussed over him like a little Mama. He ate up every bit of it. It’s always nice when the siblings are not fighting.

– I didn’t have to walk into the school this morning. Being able to drop everybody off from the car is something I never knew I would appreciate.

– I have time to fold the towels staring at me from the laundry basket.

– I find a strange delight in listening to my child breathe/slightly snore. Maybe it’s because sleep has been elusive to him (and me) since he graced his with his presence four years ago.

– Doughnuts. What’s a sick day without ’em?


One thought on “‘Tis the Season for Sick Children

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