My daughter IS the definition of independent.

Where my boys would just as soon have me do everything for them, my girl wants to do it all herself. This causes some strife in our family life, but I can’t help but adore this quality she has. Especially today. You see, my youngest little creature is suffering from some sort of yet to be identified sickness (Probably Strep). He has been a handful for this old Mommy the past two days, waking up in the middle of the night with bad dreams, a sore throat and a lot on his mind that he needs to talk to me about. At 3 in the morning. Yawn. There are good things about this illness, though.

still cute

still cute

This morning, my two older children were perfect examples of love and service.  Lane slept in after a long night, so the other children were dressed, fed and ready to walk out the door when I brought their sleepy, sickly brother downstairs to get ready to take them to school. Bryson and NK immediately came up to Lane and patted him and sweetly told them how sorry they were that he was sick, and gave him lots of affection. Bryson told him, “You are too sweet to be sick, buddy. I hope you feel better today. Just make sure you brush your teeth because your sick breath is awful.” (I promise he said it in the most kind and endearing way! And good grief, I think he has a ‘thing’ about bad breath.)Then Bryson volunteered to give Lane his coveted fruit roll-up to help him feel better.

NK had a card she made for him, of course, since she is “The Bookmaker”.  (She actually received an award in her kindergarten class for gluing paper together and creating books.) But this is what she did that really impressed me this morning…

A well packed lunchbox !

A well packed lunchbox !


After she got dressed, she went downstairs and gathered her things for school. She noticed that we did not pack her a lunch. Instead of telling me about it or asking me to pack her lunch (both acceptable, by the way), she did it herself. The fact that she saw a problem and fixed it herself without help or encouragement from anyone else does not surprise me. What does surprise me is that she packed an excellent lunch for herself! When I realized she had packed her lunch, I figured when I opened it there would be chocolate bars and corn chips. She does have a sneaky streak. But no, she made herself a peanut butter sandwich, found a container to put it in, found another container to put some yogurt covered raisins in, and packed a banana. Given the fact that her mother tends to eat like a picky preteen, I am impressed! And hey, I guess all those sneaky trips to the kitchen at night finally paid off.


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