Birthday wishes

My smart and sassy little girl just turned 5. Five years of her humor, her antics and her love. We are blessed, no doubt.

You wanna know what she wished for OUT LOUD when she blew out her candles?

“I wish that my parents would get me better gifts!”

I must have totally blown the birthday gifts this year. I really didn’t think the photo-barbie would let me down, but, alas, she wanted her own real kitchen. You know, since I wouldn’t let her have an easy bake oven. We definitely should have built a Nat Kat sized kitchen somewhere in the house with a tiny little real oven, sink, refrigerator and baking supplies.

The super cute purple, sparkly, dress coat that makes her look like royalty – she’d rather have a picnic on it as look at it. Oh, and the little cupcake supply set – it’s like she knew somehow that it came from Dollar General store’s clearance section and therefore was not birthday quality and snubbed her nose at it.

Oh well, better luck next year, I guess!

I gotta hand it to her, she make disappointment look good!


Wait, she’s probably only excited because her Granny got her her favorite Blue Bell icecream. Gah.


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