Ta-da! My 2012 book list!

2012 is gone, 2013 is here. I may not have completed many of my goals or intentions for the past year, but I did manage to treat myself to more reading. Here’s my list of read books in 2012:

So, here goes:

“Caught” by Harlan Coben

“Parenting under 5s” no author listed

“The Pawn” by Steven James

The Greatest Book of All Time” by Clint Arthur

Dealbreaker” by Harlan Coben

Absolutely Organize your Family” by Debbie Lillard

Fade Away” by Harlan Coben

Rules of Engagement” by Ann Bruce

Live Wire” by Harlan Coben

Drop Shot” by Harlan Coben

“Back Spin” by Harlan Coben

“Long Lost” by Harlan Coben

“Organized Simplicity” by Tsh Oxenreider

“Give up your Excess Baggage” by Sri Vishwanath

“Why Children Matter” by Johann Christoph Arnold

“Chasing Darkness” by Robert Crais

“Demolition Angel” byRobert Crais

“Cold Truth” by Mariah Stewart

“Dead Watch” by John Sandford

I know these are not books that have changed the world, but knowing I took time out for myself in order to read all of these books reminds me that I DO HAVE TIME, and I can do things I enjoy despite my busy life.

In 2013, I hope to finally finish Les Miserables. I am half way through, and hoped to finish it by the end of this year, but I just couldn’t. I have my Kindle all loaded up with new books to read and I have several on my shelf waiting for me in my room, too.


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