DIY Pinata

I decided to make one myself because, hey, I’ve been pretty darn good at making a lot of things myself lately. (Ok, I really just wanted to see if I could really do it.) Turns out, I can! Hooray! And as the third child, Lane gets a lot of hand-me-downs. This was a rare “first” just for Lane.  It turns out making a pinata is super-duper easy. I have lots of spare cardboard boxes from my Avon business, and they were perfect for this craft.

First, you must decide what shape you want your pinata to be. I chose the letter “L” for Lane. Make no mistake, I chose this letter and not, say, a Thomas train or Star Wars Clone Trooper due to the relative simplicity. I’m no dummy!

So, I just traced a block letter L on the cardboard and then cut it out and used it to make another L. Then use more cardboard pieces cut to size to make the 3D object.

Using other pieces of cardboard to tape it up into a 3D L

Almost done

Don’t forget to stuff your pinata before you finish taping it up! I used clear packing tape. You don’t want it to be too hard for them to bust open, but you do want it to be able to take a few hits.

Once you tape it all up, you will want to cover it with something. You could use newspaper, construction paper, scrapbook paper, wrapping paper,  homemade drawings — whatever you have.  I used colored scrapbook paper and taped it as carefully as I could. I had my other children write Lane a letter for his birthday to put inside.

He was a happy little boy with his handmade “L” pinata!

All three of my children were delighted to have this birthday treat to destroy!

the birthday boy taking the first shot


It was a good day and the pinata was a big hit.


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