Easy Spring/Summer Gift

Hello, My name is Michelle and I’m broke. I realize ‘broke’ can have different meanings and connotations, so I’ll just say I’m Dave Ramsey broke.  That’s the bad news. The good news is that I — we — are rich in people that love us.  We would like to spend lots of money on those people, but since we don’t have much to spend, we have to get creative.

This past Mother’s Day, we got plastic hanging pots and a couple of containers of various flowers. We had plenty of potting soil on hand from doing our flower bed and garden. I had the children paint the pots (we generally have paint and paint brushes lying around) and plant the flowers. If you have a couple of weeks before the gift has to be given, you can probably take a couple of $1.50 petunias or a good marigold and have a big full basket by the time you give it.(Miracle-Gro is good stuff!)  The finished project(s) were so cute and the kids were thoroughly entertained while completing this craft. I love it when I unknowingly multitask! Mother’s Day gift that doesn’t break the bank? check. An hour or two of children being creative and having fun? check. A gift that will last at least a few months? check! So, keep this – or something like it –  in mind next time you need an inexpensive gift for people who are blessings in your life or the life of your children.

In the process of creating their masterpieces

How cute is he? Nevermind the exhausted Daddy in the background 🙂

Her creation was a pink explosion, of course!

Really working hard on his!

And a group hug? I think that’s what they are doing… 🙂


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