Amazing homemade bathtub cleaner!

Of all the chores I have, cleaning the bathroom is my least favorite.  Ugh. The scrubbing, the awkward floors that are never as easy to mop as the commercials make it seem, and I’ll admit it, I might be immature, but we all know what goes on in the bathroom. Ahem. I’ll take laundry anyday over the inevitable urine splatter and the faint smell of poop. Double Ugh.

While I don’t have a solution to the eternal question of how to get the male species to get the pee in the toilet and not all over the floor, I do have the recipe to the best shower/tub cleaner you’ve ever used. And it’s pretty cheap.

So, this is it. Equal parts *hot* vinegar and BLUE Dawn. Don’t try to substitute those two measly ingredients. Put a 1/4 cup of of vinegar in the microwave for about 30 seconds. Then put it in a spray bottle. Add the blue Dawn. Yes, make sure it’s the blue variety. Shake it up and spray your tub and shower down. Let it do it’s thing while you clean up the pee. When you come back, you probably won’t even have to scrub. It works, ya’ll!


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