This is why I will (probably) never buy handsoap again

Dr. Wood’s Castile Soap

If you haven’t used Castile Soap yet, what are you waiting for? This stuff is incredible. It has many,  many uses, but this one is my favorite.

As the mother of three young children, I am always encouraging hand washing — like voting — early and often. It seems like every time I turn around there is another reason to have those little hands washed up: multiple bathroom trips, little boys and bugs, nose picking, and just general yucky kid behavior.  I got into couponing and thought I had figured out how to save money on the numerous bottles of handsoap I was purchasing. However, I found that as it turns out, I’m sort of picky when it comes to hand soap. I want the foaming kind and I prefer muted minty scents as opposed to flowery explosions. Needless to say, making my own, just the way I like it, has been better on my wallet and a chore my kids can help do.

All you do is buy a bottle of Castile Soap. I bought mine from Amazon last year and I still have about of a third of it left. It was approximately $15 by the time I had it shipped. Again, I still have plenty left from my 32 oz bottle. Ok, next step, take your current bottle and fill it with water. Then squirt a dollup of Castile soap in the bottle and shake gently. A dollup is just how ever much you squirt out. Really, if you find you want it soapy-er just squirt a little more in there. And that’s it.


4 thoughts on “This is why I will (probably) never buy handsoap again

    • Lesley! Thanks for reading! There are all sorts of different scents. Even unscented if that’s your thing. I just like the “mints”. Mint screams fresh and clean to me!

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