Dirt Therapy

Getting back into the swing of things is much easier when you put your hands in some dirt.

We will have to see if these little seedlings sprout

I’m a novice gardener at best, but there is something therapeutic about putting my plants in a pot and then watering and pruning and weeding and watching those tiny flowers grow.

a few potted plants getting their start

I have not always enjoyed this. In fact, I used to loathe planting and digging and the daily watering. Now I have no idea what took me so long to realize the enjoyment. My little helpers were glad to get out in the sunshine and help Mommy plant, too.

Mommy's little helpers

And that’s the best part — having my children beside me, outside in the sunshine, hands in the dirt, giving something a start at life. When we were planting, NK asked, “Mommy do the flowers sleep in their little flower beds?”

let's get this show on the road!


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