Hooded Towel Attempt!

I am downright excited that I finally got a little time with my sewing machine! I’m terrible at sewing things, but I’m learning! The things I make aren’t going to be sold in an Etsy store anytime soon, but I really do have a lot of fun trying to make all the things in my head. My latest attempt was a hooded towel. I got the idea/instructions from this cool blog. I love tutorials, but since I’m a novice at sewing and crafting (and basically everything in this life), I get confused and have to start over many, many times. I’m telling myself this just helps me learn how to figure out what the heck I’m doing. My hooded towel ended up pretty cute, I thought. I didn’t dare add the embellisments yet, so mine was just a plain-old-hooded towel. I gave it to my Godson as a gift. I know, I’m going to be the crazy old godmother who knits a bunch of crap he doesn’t want and lives with a hundred cats someday. Actually, I don’t really cats, so maybe I’ll just be the crazy old lady who lives in a shoe. Either way, I’ll try to have a sewing machine. 🙂

My cute little model!

Not bad, right? Right?????????


One thought on “Hooded Towel Attempt!

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