things that make a Mommy so happy she could cry

My children are amazing. I know, every Mama says that.

I wish I could remember to write down all the funny, sweet things each child says. Unfortunately, the busy days turn into exhausted evenings and my mind shuts down before I get a chance to “download” all of those moments and thoughts.

I like to find ways to help my children find their creativity, and recently my oldest and I started a journal. It’s just a little notebook that we write notes or letters to each other in. There is no rhyme or reason or rules, I just started it by designating a notebook to this project. Ours happens to be a small Star Wars notebook

because that’s what my son loves and what we had on hand at the time. This simple project has brought me more joy than I can express. Mainly due to letters like this one from my boy…

This simple note made my day so much better. As parents, encouraging words make a huge difference. I remember being overwhelmed and scared when I found out I was having my third baby before my second baby even turned one. A good friend of mine told me that I shouldn’t worry about a thing because I am a good mother and that baby would be loved and lucky to be in our family. Those simple words made all the difference and encouraged me more than that friend will ever know.  To have my child give me encouragement in the form of the above sweet letter confirms that my children are amazing.


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