Our First Experience with Cake Pops

This past Sunday, we had a fun time finally using a Cake Pop Set given to my daughter for her birthday. She loves baking cakes and brownies as much as I love eating them and having her help me in the kitchen can only be a good thing as time goes on. I’m so glad she enjoys this time with me, and hope that it doesn’t fizzle out too much as she gets older and more hormonal. 

For the cake pop recipe, we used a box of cake mix (in our case it was Betty Crocker Funfetti) and we used milk instead of water and only used 1/2 as much as it called for — so it called for 1 cup of water, we used 1/2 cup of milk –, 4 eggs (one more than the box called for), 1/2 cup of oil and we added an instant pudding mix in the concoction. It was a little bit of a challenge to mix it, as it was much thicker than a regular cake, but it ended up being perfect for dense cake pops.

Yes, I'm immature, and I see a pair of boobies in this picture.

Now, decorating the cake pops was a different story. I lined up my melted white chocolate (almond bark – delicious) and a couple of sprinkle options for the children. They all had a great time dipping the pop in the chocolate and then in one of the sprinkle bowls. Except Lane, who dipped his in the chocolate and then took a bite. And then did it again. and again. and AGAIN. But that’s ok. What matters is that we were together in the kitchen having a good time.

Three little sweets, ready to decorate some sweets!


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