The Best Lenten Meal yet…

Preparing dinner on Fridays during Lent usually causes me to fret a bit. Ok, I fret a bit no matter what or when, but, dinner usually involves either chicken, beef or pork.

I’m ok with heating up a bag of frozen fish and making some mac & cheese with it, but it’s not my favorite thing to do and my family has become used to me making more of an effort when it comes to dinner. I never thought that day would come – but it has, and I’m proud of myself and happy for the positive changes I’ve made in that area of my life.  We like shrimp, so that seemed like a good place to start. We really enjoyed the Bang Bang Shrimp I made and actually got right on the first attempt.   But I needed to find something a little less time intensive. I found this incredibly good Shrimp in Tomato Cream Pasta through the Pioneer Woman.  So, I was a little intimidated because cooking still intimidates me and seafood kind of scares me. Shrimp is easy to cook, but I am the kind of person that will question myself to death, so while I know that I only have to saute it a few minutes, when it comes down to doing it, I will cook the heck out of it just to make sure it’s done, essentially ruining it. But the fact that the shrimp went back into the sauce and pasta for just a liiiiittttle more time made me feel better about cooking the shrimp correctly and NOT ruining it.  I did a few things different, I bought the small shrimp that had already been peeled, deveiled, and the tails were already off. I figured the option was there, why not take it? Also, I did not have fresh herbs on hand. I’m working on it, but my gardening skills are still in the development stage and spring has only just sprung. So, I used the dried variety and this dish was still darn good. I also added a little crushed red pepper because I add it to just about everything. I think the thing I liked most about this recipe (besides the instructions to have a little wine) was that it really was easy and fast. I started the whole thing at around 4:15 or 4:30 and I was still able to make it, eat it and get myself and my oldest readyand out the door at 5:30-5:45 for his classmate’s birthday party. So, I love this recipe and my hubs and oldest son loved it, too.


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