Very filling chicken soup

Another day, another recipe courtesy of Pinterest.  Tonight I was inspired by this lovely “Busy Mom’s Chicken and Rice Soup”.    Although I did change it up to make it my own.


-Two good size frozen chicken breasts

-Chicken buillion cube

-1 cup “fancy salsa” *

-1/4 cup lime juice

-1 can diced tomatoes

-1 can corn

-crushed red pepper to taste

-parsley to taste

-2 cups instant rice

-shredded mexican cheese

So, when I started following this recipe, I discovered that a) I didn’t have a rotisserie chicken on hand and b) my chicken broth had possibly gone bad.  In the interest of avoiding a plague of chickenosis, I threw out the questionable chicken broth and in the interest of winging it, I boiled a couple of frozen breasts until they were cooked through. My assistant and husband kindly shredded the chicken and I used the broth (it was about 4 cups) and popped in the buillion cube just for good measure. I then added the salsa and lime juice and brought the broth/salsa/lime juice to a boil. At that point, I added the tomatoes, corn (it was a small can), and spices. After about 5-10 minutes, I added the shredded chicken and started cooking the rice. Now, once the rice is done, you’ve got a couple of options. You can add the rice to the soup or you could put a little rice in your bowl and dump the soup on top if you wanted to be sure the soup didn’t thicken up too much. We went with option 1. It made the “soup” more like a thick mixture suitable for wrapping up in a flour tortilla with some cheese. Here’s how thick ours was…

You can probably see just from the (awful) photo just how filling this nice little concoction was.

I have found another winner, and more fodder for my pinterest fire.


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