Clone Trooper Blanket

My sewing skills are next to nil. I’m not sure why I think I can just do things I have no idea how to do. I mean, the audacity! But sometimes, it turns out alright and I end up learning more by DOING.

I think I’ve always been someone who just wants to do it myself and admittedly, someone who squeaks by satisfied with my non-perfection. This super duper Clone Trooper blanket is a perfect example of that.

Anyone who knows my oldest offspring knows that the boy is a Star Wars fan through and through. He loves the movies, the Clone Wars television show and every birthday and Christmas includes Star Wars action figures. He did really well on his report card and his teacher said such nice things about him at his parent teacher conference last week, that I took him to see the re-released Star Wars movie in 3D this past weekend. We both were dorks personified in that movie theater with our 3D glasses ooohing and ahhhing at the way cool 3D features. And before you ask, No, neither one of us had actually seen a 3D movie at a theater before, so yes, we were easily impressed! It’s the little things, people! Anyway, after the movie (that my son has seen dozens of times at home in the non-3D variety) I asked him how he liked it. He told me he thought it was really cool and he liked the deleted scenes that they added that were not in the original. “Huh? They added previously scrapped scenes?” I said. “yeah”. He is confident. “Well name one”. “The one where Anakin is standing before the Jedi Council”. Ok. Safe to say he knows a hell of lot more than I do. About Star Wars, about Clone Wars, about nouns and pronouns and adjectives and adverbs and about a whole lot of other things that I don’t want to admit it. But I digress. He’s a big fan of Star Wars.

So, we have a Clone Wars full size top sheet that never gets used because our family is weird and we don’t use top sheets. This is actually something my husband does. Or doesn’t do. Whatever. He used to get in such a fight with the top sheet at night that I finally gave in and we don’t use them anymore. It’s just trickled down to the children now and they do not get to partake in the top sheet fun, either. Poor kids. Anywho, we were given a really nice set of twin size flannel sheets. We don’t own a twin size bed, but we ended up with this set anyway. So, essentially, we’ve had these two useless sheets sitting there for some time now. I decided I was going to sew the sheets together with a quilt-ish type batting in between. And that’s what I did. I sewed the batting on one of the sheets first,

As you can see, I did not have a clue how much batting to buy and I didn’t have a piece big enough to cover the entire project. I decided I did not care and that the middle is where all the thick fluffy goodness in the blanket is anyway and the ends are just used for bunching up to your face or picking, so it was fine. See what I mean about being satisfied with non-perfection? So, I sewed the batting to the center of one of the sheets. And not all the way around, just around each of the corners. Then I pinned the the two sheets together…

And sewed all that together. Due to the different sheet sizes, there was lots of extra fabric on one side that I very casually just cut off and to be quite honest, I’m so tickled with this most cuddly blanket and most importantly, my boy is too.


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