The weekend: Hot & Sweet

The Hot: Jalapeno Popper Dip.  I made this little treat for my hubby while I took the kids to my Mom’s house to pick up a Roast for him while he watched Basketball in peace and quiet. How good of a wife am I????

I followed this recipe almost to a “T”, although I used a can of sliced jalapenos. It would have been better had I used diced, but all in all, this was a winner. It tasted pretty darn close to jalapeno popper. It was a nice surprise to the “hot” dip category. The only bad thing was the reheating issue. With the breadcrumb topping, you really need to reheat in the oven as opposed to the microwave. As problems with recipes go, I’d say that’s a pretty good one.

As you can see, my husband really liked it. So much so that there was a huge chunk of it missing by the time I remembered to snap a photo of it.

And for the Sweet: Me! Ha ha, no, actually, the sweet part was my two little children helping me bake these delicious Cookie Bars. Just look at all that sweet stuff…

Life just doesn’t get any sweeter than that! And I followed the recipe exactly on this one. I used dark chocolate M&M’s, because they are my favorite. And not one person in my family complained.

I should have stuck to my own fair kitchen, but, I didn’t and we foolishly decided to take the children to Sonic on Sunday for a treat. It was a beautiful day, and seemed like a perfect day for a drive in. Unfortunately, it wasn’t. After wasting $20 on junk food, my sweet daughter dumped her chocolate milk all over herself and her car seat. And then she proceeded to scream bloody murder. It didn’t matter how many times I told her it was going to be ok, she was screaming and that was that. At some point during her breakdown, my youngest decided he had to have some item that I can’t even recall right now. And he proceeded to scream bloody murder. By then, I’m screaming, “It’s alright! Everything is going to be fine! We are going home! Everybody calm down!” And actually it was alright, we had a fine dinner al fresco at home. Where we should have stayed in the first place.


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