You’re lucky you got dinner

This past Wednesday was one of those days, all around. It seemed like the little things kept creeping up on me, just when I thought I was ahead, something would come up and set me back. Ever have one of those days? Image

Why, hello, little mischief maker. That’s my baby, Lane, just trying to brush his little tiny teeth. Only problem was he got toothpaste all over himself, the sink, the door frames — basically everything he touched. And bless his heart, he tried to clean it up. He was tossing a blue toothpaste soaked “ball” back and forth when he alerted me to this little setback. This was a much better setback than the near missed dog attack with Natalie Kate. Thank God & Mary she was not hurt. Anyway, it was one of those days.

I did end up preparing dinner somehow. And with limited resources because we are broke and I couldn’t go to the store to pick up any extra needed ingredients. I made due, and this little gem of a dinner turned out to be a nice, quick, leftover-appropriate, do-able even on a stressful day recipe.

I used the crescent roll packages as directed, browned my hot sausage and then realized we were out of cream cheese.  It turns out, that’s ok. I put in a little extra shredded cheddar cheese, topped it with the other crescent roll sheet and baked it. I had mine with ranch dressing used as dip on side because that’s just what I do with just about everything. I think there are just some of us that think Ranch dip is appropriate for everything. Chicken, Fries, Pizza, Sausage Crescent Rolls, yeah, basically everything. Anyway, it was good. Enjoy.


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