Reflecting on the past week

Monday & Tuesday were pretty stressful with Nat Kat being sick and trying to juggle the work/home commitments. I have to admit, anytime my kids get sick, I thank God that it’s just a stomach flu, or a nasty cold, or strep throat, or the flu, etc. It could be so much worse. God bless the parents having to watch their sweet babies in hospital beds and feeling helpless. God bless those children. Whew.

Yesterday, the children & I made these Lemon Bars for Daddy. I make cakes and brownies all.the.time. to satisfy my never satisfied sweet tooth and it was time for a change. Dad seemed to like them. The children seemed to like them. I seemed to like them. I still prefer chocolate cookies, cakes, candies…, but this was pretty tasty and really easy.

Lemon Bars

Thursday, we finally got the boys bunkbeds put together. This was very exciting and our boys were very happy to finally have them. Lane has been out of his crib for what seems like months, but he could not sleep in the same bed as his brother because he kept harassing him, scratching him, hitting him, etc. It was not pretty. So Bryson has been playing muscial beds trying to avoid the little brother and I’ve been slow to pull the trigger on a bunkbed. I searched Craiglist, I went to numerous furniture stores, nothing seemed to be right. I finally found what I wanted at an online store that ships the furniture to you. I like the result and I think the boys do too: Hello, Bunkbeds!


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