Make Stuff Mommy Transformation Continues…

As if I needed more on my to-do list… Enter: Pinterest. So many ways to unleash my inner crafter. And Baker. And Cook. And Seamstress. And Organizer. And…  My latest Pinterest finds that I have actually completed follow.

French Toast Casserole.

Only recently, I learned that my oldest child really loves French Toast. I don’t know how I had no idea, I mean, I knew he liked bread, eggs, cinnamon and syrup, but I never thought to make him French Toast. I mean, let’s face it, I didn’t like French Toast at his age. Ok, I didn’t like much of anything at age besides Little Debbie snacks and Chefboyardee. Anyway, Bryson had to eat lunch at School one day a month ago because I anticipated a snow day that did not happen and was left running late the next morning with no time to pack his lunch. The school served French Toast sticks that day, and when my little seven year old boy came home raving about it, I knew I had to find a recipe to make this a staple. I found this one. Now, I found the directions a little hard to follow at first, but as any good cook knows, you have to read it all the way through first. I’m glad I’m learning a little about cooking, because I was glad I read through ALL of the instructions first. I didn’t change anything in this recipe except that I didn’t cut off the crusts and I followed the added instructions the author provided. It was a great recipe and my boys’ bellies were full. It was perfect for an after-church-on-Sunday meal.

Craft: Custom Handsoap Bottles

I am loving all the cool crafts I have found to clutter my mind with. No, really, I am! So when I saw this cute idea

I had to try it. Mine turned out like this:

Mine are not as professional looking, but I’m satisfied. And this was easy! Follow me on Pinterest!


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