As Seen On TV

As a sucker for all things “As Seen On TV”, I would like to put my 2 cents in about some of the products I’ve ordered and used as a result of being awake at 3am with a nursing child, sick child, worried heart or some combination of all three of the aforementioned.

*Pancake Pen- Jury is still out. It’s hard to fill up but great for squirting out cupcakes

*EZ Movers- They don’t work quite as magically as the infomercial represents. I know, huge surprise. However, they did allow my Husband and I to move bedroom furniture we would have otherwise needed assistance with on our own. Oh yeah, it’s still a two-man job, not one.

*The Shark Vac then Steam- 5 stars– or however many is the best! I love that thing and any time I’m frustrated with my inlaws I remember they bought this manna from heaven for me. Forgiven.

*Pasta pot- It’s alright. I mean, you really don’t *need* that lid thing that lets you drain the water. I usually just lean my pot against the sink to let the water drain just the same. What? My sink is clean. Sordove.

What I have my eye to purchase:

*The butterball Turkey Fryer- seriously, who wouldn’t?

*More Shark products. Bring ’em all on! I’ll take ’em


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