Busy Brain

My brain is working overtime lately. If only I could get my hands to cooperate, I’d rule the world. Seriously, I have so many ideas and things I want to do, things I need to do, running around furiously in my brain at any given moment. You wouldn’t believe I’m running a marathon in my mind though, because on the outside, I’m essentially paralyzed not knowing where or when to begin. I’ve started writing things down. Lists here and there. All different kinds of lists and then I get stuck thinking I need to make separate lists. Oh, the things I want to do.

So, one of those things I want to do is learn to sew. I have never touched a sewing machine in my life, and don’t have clue about anything sewing-related. I do not have time for this. However, I have researched sewing machines for months and I finally pulled the trigger and used several gift cards that I have been hoarding from last years Christmas, birthday, anniversary, etc. gifts and bought a beautiful sewing machine. I think it’s pretty awesome, but I really wouldn’t know any better if it’s a piece of garbage. I’m excited though, and I’m excited to start doing some of the neat-o ideas I’ve so lovingly placed in my sewing projects board on my pinterest account. Hooray! Let the sewing begin!

sewing machine

Brother Project Runway


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