First Day of First Grade

This morning was the beginning of a new school year for Bryson. He was very excited and I’m happy to report that everyone went to bed early last evening (despite a disastrous grocery store trip with Lane), so they were all well rested and ready to go this morning. I am notoriously late, and I think my husband was afraid I would be making the walk of shame to the school office this morning on the very first day. He was probably VERY afraid when he saw that I was making bacon and eggs this morning before school. Usually, my children are treated to cereal bars for breakfast because I’m always running late. It turns out the children ate their hearty breakfast without much commotion so that I was able to take a shower! Score! Bryson made it to school on time, and I wasn’t stinky. Once I dropped my big guy off, it was just me and the little people. I admit I was slightly lost. 1. I’m not used to working part-time yet. I love being home with my babies, but I don’t have a plan or routine yet for being at home. 2. I missed my big guy. Bryson is a great kid. He is a huge help, and I’ve grown accustomed to having all three kids together this summer. Sending him to school is like losing him for 8 hours. His abscence throws off the family balance. And, I just miss his little heart. 3. How on earth would I get everything done I need to get done around the house with a two year old and a three year old running around? Well, somehow, we managed to get through the day.  However, Natalie Kate and Lane decided their new favorite game is putting their fingers down their own throats until they make a disguisting vomitting noise.  Seriously. Cough. Vomit noise. Raucous laughter.

Here are the children on Bryson’s first day of First Grade. Notice the child in front wearing the jorts with a scowl on his face? That’s my youngest baby, Lane. And he’s a boy. Even though 3, 468 people have referred to him as a girl. I believe it’s time for him to get a haircut and get a real job. Ok, it’s time for me to let go of my baby and his baby hair. 


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